Keep Fingernails Clean & Well Groomed During COVID-19 Outbreak

Clean Fingernails

While COVID-19 spreads, ClipDifferent is a resource for you, loved ones, and clients maintaining healthy and clean fingernails during the Coronavirus outbreak.

To help prevent the spread of germs the CDC recommends the following nail hygiene:

  • Keep fingernails short and trim them often.
  • Scrub the underside of nails with soap and water (or a nail brush) every time you wash your hands.
  • Clean any shared nail grooming tools before use.
  • Avoid biting or chewing nails.

The full CDC nail hygiene recommendation.

More information will be posted on our website & social sites.



A little jingle for Dr. Mehmet Oz written & sang! Can you help us tell the world about ClipDifferent? Can you help us help others gain some independence? We’d sure appreciate you listening to our song!

In honor of Limb Loss & Limb Difference Awareness Month, every $1 collected through our Giving page during the month of April goes towards connecting individuals who identify in that community with devices.

No Limits Foundation and Gigi’s Playhouse were recent recipients from giving through #ClipDifferentCares initiative.

Down Syndrome & Nail Care

“Clipping fingernails can be such a challenge and it was such a wonderful experience the first time I tried the ClipDifferent Junior automatic nail clipper with my son. ClipDifferent is a truly remarkable breakthrough for children with sensory and/or dexterity issues!” ~Dylan’s Mom

3/21 – World Down Syndrome Day – Join us by wearing the wildest mismatch socks you own and tag @ClipDifferent for a high five & repost.
MS Awareness Week: March 8 – 14, 2020
2/24-2/26 – Annual Symposium & Expo For the Long-Term Care Nursing Continuum
2/26 – 1 Million Cups Eden Prairie

2/8 – “i have a Voice” Gigi’s Playhouse 2020 Gala Video

 “Everybody Grows” (👇👇 such a great video 👇👇)

2/5-2/7 – Leading Age Expo in Minneapolis – It was great re-connecting and meeting so many new faces. Thank you to everyone who stopped by our booth. The big takeaways were: Positive responses for the cleaning protocol for many multi-care facilities & gratitude for such a supportive group of professionals.

“They are not just building a company; they are building a community.” –Laura Cannata (Author of the Twin Cities–Based ClipDifferent Is Building Community with an Empowering Invention article)


The ClipDifferent community lost two dear souls recently. Rest with peace Charlie & Rob. Your support and contribution is forever appreciated 🙏

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