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Thank you to the Impact Hub MSP people for posting such a wonderful article highlighting the ClipDifferent movement.

It’s in the great office spaces (HUBs) of the Impact Hub, similar to Minneapolis and hundreds of others around the world, where small ideas get planted, watered, and then flourish, with the help of members and leaders willing to share their experience and knowledge.

Athlete Jessica Wilson, featured on the Impact Hub website

“We believe the only way forward is by joining forces to build a future where business and profit work in support of people and planet..” 2018 Global Impact Report

Social: What does the greatest change look like? Measuring results lead us to observe the positive effect on people, places, things. Often we hear these words used by the ClipDifferent team: “if we don’t do this, who will?” A traditional way to measure investment is the use of time and money. A socially minded way includes inspiration, passion, commitment, and determination.

The fingernail clipper project took ahold of us and wouldn’t let go. Tom, the founder of ClipDifferent, saw the challenge underserved individuals were having using a traditional fingernail clipper.

“You’re too close to the problem” -Terri Barreiro, Co-Founder Impact Hub MSP

Collaborate: Solving a problem for a community of people requires more than the talents of a few and cannot happen in isolation. The power of fresh and diverse eyes offers perspective and has the ability to lead to stimulating creative solutions.

The evolution from a manual fingernail clipper to the automatic ClipDifferent Pro happened in a moment when one person’s new perspective saw a different way

“Mentoring and making connections through the Impact Hub helped TJ and the team at ClipDifferent, a General Benefit Corporation, develop their entrepreneurial business plan.” –Making an Impact: ClipDifferent Post

About Impact Hub MSP
This group brings together a community of entrepreneurs, innovators, consultants, and nonprofit professionals to take collaborative action and drive positive change across the Twin Cities and beyond. We offer coworking, shared and dedicated workspaces, community-led workshops, and facilitate peer-to-peer learning. Impact Hub MSP is part of an international network that inspires, connects, and enables its members and encourages the social impact they work to create.

ClipDifferent by Lil Nipper ~ The World's First Manufacturer of Adaptive Automatic Electric Fingernail Clippers

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