Nail Care at Home During COVID-19 Quarantine

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Nail Care Is Still Important

If you or a loved one is in quarantine and needs help managing their fingernails, welcome. ClipDifferent is here and is a resource offering two automatic nail clippers for people who struggle with the traditional clipper or depend on outside assistance. Both devices, child & adult, give a safe and independent nail care solution to the sometimes troublesome task.

As the world adjusts to the COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) and practices #StayHome and social distancing, most people are in some form of isolation. The goal of living in quarantine is to slow the spread of the virus so medical professionals can give life-saving care to those needing it most.

The new “normal” can create a living challenge for many who depended on outside assistance for a portion of self-care. Fingernails are one of those tasks needing attention. Staying at home is very important as it helps protect the spread of the Coronavirus. With that, many who are vulnerable aren’t able to continue their routine care visits to orthopedic doctors, occupational therapists, in-home care professionals, friends, relatives, nail salons, or services to help with necessary routine care.

Nail Care with ClipDifferent Pro

Pro (ages 13+) & Junior (ages 6-12) automatic fingernail clippers are the only one-handed nail clipper that safely trims nails with the simple touch of a button. They catch all the trimmed nails in a no-mess drawer, last months between charges and come with a no-stress guarantee.

Below are some ways people can receive assistance obtaining an adaptive nail clipper by ClipDifferent:

Multiple Sclerosis Navigator Program – The MS Navigator Program offers resources to individuals to live more independently and nail care is one of their activities supported. Before recent discussions with people from the MS Society, ClipDifferent didn’t know there was nail care money available for the many people living with this disease. It was also brought to our attention most non-profit organizations serving specific needs also have the resources available.

Minnesota Waiver Program – Minnesota Medicaid-eligible people who have specific needs or diagnosis can receive ClipDifferent products to help them live more independently. APA Medical Equipment and Cadan Assistive Technologies are two of the state-approved suppliers who’ve processed waiver requests for ClipDifferent.

A recent post by APA Medical highlights its waiver billing services.

“APA Medical can process billing for most insurance: MA (medical assistance), Medicare, Ucare, Medica, HealthPartners, Blue Cross, and many others. We also work with the following waivers: EW (elderly waiver), CADI (Community Access for Disability Inclusion), DD (Developmental Disabilities), BI (Brain Injury), CAC (Community Alternative Care), CDCS (Consumer Directed Community Supports), and AC Grant (Alternative Care).”

Veterans Affairs – ClipDifferent receives multiple requests from Veterans and recognizes the need to work closely with the many Veteran Affairs offices. Currently, the “adaptive nail clipper” has been approved and covered fully at multiple VA locations throughout the country. ClipDifferent provides necessary information for Veterans when requesting or New Vendor information to VAs (Dunn & Bradstreet/SAMS #: 106499468) when purchasing. There are also vendor-approved 3rd party purchasing options from Rehabmart.

If you need more information for your care professional or believe your community offers assistance, we’re happy to help how we can.

If you are an organization offering assistance to people who could use these devices or if you want to contribute, let’s connect.

What more can ClipDifferent do to help? Share your thoughts as we’re an action-based group

This too shall pass and until then, it takes a village and we need all hands (pun intended) on deck.

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