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2023 Press! Check out some of where Lil Nipper has been featured this spring!

Daily Mom:

26 Best New Baby Gifts That Every Parent Will Love

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We are LOVING this article! This article features some of the best baby gifts for new parents.  About half of these products are technology focused, giving us quite an upgrade from the way things used to be.  From products like portable bottle warmers, to the newest type of baby monitor.

“Daily Mom is a parent portal for women who are looking for information and education. It’s a combination of your favorite blogs, Pinterest boards, parenting websites, how-to posts, product features and the best fashion magazines all packaged neatly into short easy to read posts with gorgeous photographs.”

We also love the functionality feature of some of these products as well. The functional “make-life-a-litte-easier” products include pumping/nursing clothing, onesies for the littles, toys, and other daily care items for babies such as diapers and baby wipes.

Here’s what they have to say about Lil Nipper “If you dread clipping baby fingernails as much as we do, check out Lil Nipper. This battery-operated, automatic nail trimmer is designed to safely clip fingernails without harming surrounding skin, so these are the perfect new baby gifts to give to expectant mothers.”

Read the full gift guide HERE

Jewish Press: Pesach Travel and Gift Guide

The Jewish Press Pesach Gift Guide 2023

Jewish Press is an online resource including Jewish news, political information, and religious commentary.  They are the largest independent weekly Jewish Newspaper in the United States. “For over five decades now The Jewish Press has championed Torah values and ideals from a centrist or Modern Orthodox perspective. The paper has been a tireless advocate on behalf of the State of Israel, Soviet Jewry, and agunot (women whose husbands refuse to grant them a religious divorce), and has taken the lead in urging a greater communal openness in addressing domestic violence and other social ills.”

This spring, we were featured in “Pesach Travel and Gift Guide 2023.  An author of The Jewish Press, where this article comes from, Jodie Maoz, releases a variety of gift guides and other fun articles throughout each year. To read more articles written by Jodie click HERE.

Smart Retailer March/April Issue:

Smart Retailer Cover

Smart Retailer is a great online resource for all things business. Their website includes online articles and hard copy magazine issues.  Smart Retailer features industry information about new products, and new retailer profiles.  Information about new shows and just general business and merchandising tips.

Smart Retailer Trend watch page (spring press)

Lil Nipper was featured on the “trend watch” section for children and babies. “Designed specifically for babies’ delicate nails, the Lil Nipper for infants safely trims tiny fingernails without harming surrounding skin. Battery-operated”. Some of the other products included on this page were items like high chairs, clothing, and stuffed animals!

“Smart Retailer is a grassroots publication that stays in touch with its readers through special offers, informative e-newsletters, and timely surveys that lead to cutting edge articles to share best practices with our storeowners.”  To check out more Smart Retailer Magazine copies, or other resources for all things business click HERE!

Neapolitan Family Magazine

Neapolitan fam mag

Neapolitan Family Magazine, a free editorial resource about all things parenting, local events and more for the members of Collier County.  This May, Lil Nipper was featured in the New Mother’s Day Giveaway, a basket of over $800 value, along with items like smart sleep sound machines, toys and books.

Nea Fam Giveaway

To enter the Giveaway, Click HERE

Fox2 Now: Best Baby Products of 2023

Fox2 Now shares their best baby products of 2023. Our Infant Lil Nipper was shared alongside a wide range of products like bassinets, travel systems, and bottle cleaners. Watch Segment HERE

Screenshot of Fox2 News Best Baby Products of 2023 Segment

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