Organizations We Love: Achieve Services

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We Love Empowerment.

At ClipDifferent we believe each human being, regardless of abilities, ought to be regarded with the same dignity afforded to even the most able-bodied high-performing athlete. Each person’s dignity is respected, and we’ll do what we can to give people a feeling of empowerment. That is the heart with which the ClipDifferent Pro was developed.

When ClipDifferent met with Achieve Services a few weeks ago, it was instantly evident that Achieve embraces those same ideals and values. Achieve Services works with developmentally disabled adults to give them a sense of empowerment partially through employment, and especially through daily care in the form of education, training, community, all given with high doses of compassion.

We walked through the Achieve Services facility meeting caregivers and seeing activity rooms in action. Each room had a small number of participants, some restricted to wheelchairs and some walking and warmly greeting us. Each person engaged in an appropriate activity—putting cards in sleeves and envelopes, or creating art, or getting on the bus for an offsite job. By creating innovative opportunities that inspire people with disabilities, Achieve Services, Inc. enables every participant to lead a meaningful and self-determined life. We can get behind this.

Eager to explore how we could help each other, we gathered at the table after touring and learned that Achieve has been working hard to directly employ their own participants by running a company. One that produces laundry soap called Achieve Clean. See more at By ordering Achieve Clean, we can help support participants to enjoy meaningful work which connects to the community beyond their everyday. A community like us.

Currently, Achieve Services helps about 200 people with disabilities develop life skills and find employment. In the face of government funding cuts roughly equivalent to eliminating 12 participants, buyers of Achieve Clean help close the gap. We invite you to try Achieve Clean; one hundred percent of the proceeds from Achieve Laundry Detergentise invested directly back into programs that create jobs for people with developmental disabilities. You can buy a monthly subscription that’s delivered to your door. It’s all-natural and environmentally friendly. If you don’t love it, you can get a full refund – even on an empty bottle.

Let’s make life easier, together.

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