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Summer is here!!  It can be so fun, but trust us… we get how crazy it can be! From bringing to and from sports, keeping up with yard work, spending time outside and just being an adult with a social life… It can be a lot!

We have just the trick to keep those littles occupied during long car rides, or waiting in the lobby at the doctors.  Make sure to save these fun activity sheets to print off for your littles!

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Fun with Fuzz!

Fuzz’s Maze Puzzle


Lil Nipper’s Story Time


Lil Nippers in Clipperville “Storytime”

Once upon a time, in a colorful land called Clipperville,

there lived a group of magical creatures known as the Lil Nippers. 

These tiny, whimsical beings were the guardians of nail care, and they possessed the special ability to help children overcome their fears of clipping their fingernails.

Every night, while children were fast asleep, the Lil Nippers would come out to play. They lived within the enchanted Nail Forest, where each tree was adorned with shiny nail clippers that sparkled in the moonlight. The Lil Nippers were brave and kind-hearted, always ready to lend a helping hand to those in need.

One day, in a little village on the outskirts of Clipperville, there lived a young girl named Mia. Mia loved playing outdoors and painting beautiful pictures, but she had an overwhelming fear of clipping her fingernails. Every time her parents tried to trim them, she would cry and hide.

Mia’s parents, worried about her, decided to seek the help of the Lil Nippers. Late that night, while Mia slept, a group of Lil Nippers tiptoed into her room. They carried tiny lanterns that cast a soft, comforting glow as they approached her bed.

Gently, they touched Mia’s hand, and she woke up, surprised to find the Lil Nippers surrounding her. They smiled warmly and introduced themselves, assuring Mia that they were there to help her overcome her fear. Mia’s eyes widened with curiosity and a glimmer of hope.

The leader of the Lil Nippers, a wise creature named Nip, stepped forward. “Mia,” Nip said softly, “we understand that you’re scared of clipping your fingernails and toenails, but we’re here to show you that it’s not as scary as it seems.”

Mia hesitated, her fear lingering in her eyes, but she decided to trust the Lil Nippers. Nip summoned a beautiful butterfly that fluttered in front of Mia, its wings sparkling with magical dust. The butterfly landed gently on Mia’s outstretched hand, and she felt a wave of calm wash over her.

The Lil Nippers worked together, showing Mia how to hold the nail clippers, demonstrating the gentle trimming motion, and explaining that the clippers were like tiny helpers that kept her nails tidy and neat.

As Mia watched, the Lil Nippers performed an enchanting dance, clipping their own nails effortlessly. They transformed the task into a joyful celebration, giggling and twirling in the moonlight. Their laughter was infectious, and soon Mia couldn’t help but join in.

With newfound confidence, Mia reached out for the nail clippers. She took a deep breath and began to clip her own nails, encouraged by the presence of her new friends. To her surprise, it was painless and quick. Her fear had melted away, replaced by a sense of accomplishment and pride.

From that day forward, Mia became an honorary member of the Lil Nipper fan club. Together, they visited other children who were scared of clipping their nails, spreading courage, and reassurance. They turned nail care into a fun and magical experience, helping kids conquer their fears one clip at a time.

And so, in Clipperville, the Lil Nippers continued to bring joy, comfort, and friendship to children who needed a little extra help. They reminded them that fears could be conquered and that with the support of magical friends, anything was possible.

So, if you ever find yourself afraid of clipping your nails, just remember the Lil Nippers and their enchanting dance. They’ll be there to guide you, and soon, you’ll discover that there’s nothing to fear after all.


Lil Nippers By Your Side

In a world of wonder and delight, 

Where worries vanish, shining bright, 

The Lil Nippers come to play, 

Taking all your fears away.


With clippers small and hearts so true, 

They’ll show you how it’s fun to do. 

No need to fret, no need for fuss, 

They make nail clipping a joyful must!


They dance and sing, they twirl and spin, 

As giggles fill the room within. 

Their laughter echoes, light as air, 

Making nail care easy and fair.


Oh, the Lil Nippers, what a sight, 

Bringing smiles from left to right. 

They’ll hold your hand, they’ll be your guide, 

With them, nail clipping’s a joyride!


With a gentle touch and careful snip, 

They keep your nails neat, not a single slip. 

Their clippers are safe, never a doubt, 

They’ll make your worries fade out.


No more fear, no more distress, 

Just laughter and joy, we confess. 

The Lil Nippers, they’ve got your back, 

Making nail clipping a playful track.


So let them in, let worries flee, 

Discover the fun, and come join the glee.

The Lil Nippers will show the way,

Making nail care a game to play!


They’ll make you smile, they’ll make you cheer, 

With them around, no need for fear. 

The most fun, safe, and easy crew, 

The Lil Nippers will take care of you.


So embrace the clippers, don’t be shy, 

With the Lil Nippers, you’ll touch the sky. 

Clip away, with joy and pride, 

The Lil Nippers are by your side

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