The Bold Electric Fingernail Clipper That Is Changing Lives – CCX Media TV Segment

ClipDifferent Pro Automatic Fingernail Clipper

A new type of nail clipper

There is a vibrant and wonderfully unique community surrounding us. The community whom, for whatever reason can’t use the traditional fingernail clipper or it’s very difficult and challenging. For you, the ClipDifferent fingernail clipper was created. For us, all of us. The #ClipDifferent tribe.

CCX Media did a wonderful job capturing and sharing this exact story in their Business Matters: Entrepreneur Rethinks Nail Clippers: Local entrepreneur Tom McMullen has tinkered away at creating a different type of nail clipper for more than 35 years. His product called ClipDifferent makes it easy for people with disabilities to clip their own nails. On February 8th, Corey and Ben came to the ClipDifferent Manufacturing facility, REO Plastics in Maple Grove, to shoot the story. Watch and share with your community.



For those of you who use the traditional fingernail clipper and it works just fine, our new product is probably not for you (unless of course, you like convenience). Keep in touch because ClipDifferent is coming to the market this year with additional innovative products.

It is very rewarding to serve the expanding #ClipDifferent community. The ClipDifferent product was created to enhance lives – one fingernail at a time. The testimonials we hear are heartwarming and motivating. Every day the entire ClipDifferent team ask “What more can we do to help more people”.

Thank you to those who have helped and to the @CCX Media Team for their wonderful work.

ClipDifferent by Lil Nipper ~ The World's First Manufacturer of Adaptive Automatic Electric Fingernail Clippers

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