The Disinfection Protocol For Multiple Care Communities

Gloves, wipe, cotton swab. Tools in part of disinfection toolkits
Nurse teaching woman how to use ClipDifferent Pro.


You Asked, We Listened!

The most frequently asked question we hear from OTs, PTs, Assistive Device Techs, Nurses, Facility Admins, Physicians and many others is, “How do you disinfect the ClipDifferent Pro so we can use it with multiple patients?” Since the ClipDifferent Pro is the safest nail clipper on the planet, it deserves its very own, 3rd party validated protocol and its very own custom disinfecting swab, the Profect.

Many care communities, clinics and facilities are exploring how using the ClipDifferent Pro can provide real cost savings, in addition to a safe and easy fingernail clipping experience for patients, clients, and residents. Join the exploration!

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ClipDifferent Pro, gloves, disinfectant wipes, and cotton swap. All apart of the toolkit to clean the pro

Collage of care communities and individuals to show that anyone can use ClipDifferent.


ClipDifferent was designed for those 50+MM people who have lost strength in their hands due to age, illness, disease, or their individual circumstance.
ClipDifferent Pro and close-up shots of the following features: The on and off button, the rechargeable battery, the safety plate and fingernail slot, the no-mess drawer, the non slip base.
The trimming mechanism keeps fingers completely safe with no chance of skin contact and it catches all nail clippings in an easy-to-empty drawer.

Real People Real Stories

In February, Richard was working at the Nike booth next to ours at the AOTA conference in New Orleans.When he came over and trimmed his nails with the Pro, his face lit up and his first words were, “I love this. My mom cut my nails until I was in college!” This is coming from an athletic guy who was born with one hand and lives a full life. Now with a family of his own and a ClipDifferent Pro of his own, he’s taking care of his fingernails, and taking care of business!

View Richard’s Video »

Screenshot from video of Richard, clipping his nails with the Pro at the AOTA Show in New Orleans.
"The Accessible Stall Hearts Accessible Technology" and a ClipDifferent Pro

“Seriously, a Game-changer!”

Accessible Stall Features ClipDifferent Pro

Emily Ladau and Kyle Khachadurian aired a lively perspective on accessibility and a thoughtful interview with ClipDifferent Founder, Tom McMullen. Find out why Kyle and Emily were surprised by the Pro and what motivated Tom to pursue this passion.See More »

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Veterans served by the Minneapolis VA are now able to obtain ClipDifferent Pros.  Ask your care provider to order a ClipDifferent Pro if clipping your nails is a challenge for you!
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