Thinking Of You First Poem

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Thinking of You First

Hassled and hurried you seem not to care
It probably only registered that I had no hair.

I love you and of myself, I will give
What a blessed life I’ve been allowed to live!

I used to think I was important you know,
And things weren’t right if I wasn’t running the show.

I felt pressure, pain, anger, and fear
Words of wisdom I was too blocked to hear.

What happened and what I’m like now
Is really a miracle, holy cow!

That I can love and think of you first
Is what I’m about, and my spiritual thirst.

I know in my heart I’m led the right way
Although I was tested when there was no pay.

Day-by-day, hour-by-hour
I’m blossoming – what a beautiful flower!

There is some wilt every now and then
But I appreciate even that from where I’ve been.

Hello? I say to the stranger I meet
Despite your foibles, I think you’re neat.

If I were the Creator, you in my hand I would hold
And because of your flaws, on you I would be sold!

Your turn will come to hold me, hooray!
And then you won’t notice my crooked toupee.

Thinking Of You First is just one of many poems Tom McMullen, developer of the MicroTrim™ technology, wrote. The poem highlights a journey most of us go through finding acceptance in ones self and those around us.

As a family business, ClipDifferent naturally incorporated the same moral compass designing and distributing remarkable nail care solutions for people from all walks of life. Leaving no one out.

Gratefully! ✌️

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