What Does Effortless Mean to You?

Effortless: clips nails in seconds with a simple touch of a button

Effortless – requiring no physical or mental exertion. That doesn’t sound like clipping your fingernails.


Using the ClipDifferent Pro, effortless means easy nail trimming at the touch of a button. No rummaging through the drawer to find the “certain” metal clipper. No awkwardly holding clipper levers that were designed 70+ years ago. No picking up nail clippings that flew all over.

“The Pro is so simple and easy to use” -Rollie Rodgers (Veteran & Living with Parkinson’s)

Turn on the Pro and insert your fingernail to be smoothly trimmed. The result is well-manicured nails every time effortlessly.

Simple, right?

“Using the Pro left my nails really soft so I didn’t need to file. It was really cool” -Jessica Willson (School Teacher, Volleyball Coach, & “Born with one hand”)

For a limited time, we’re knocking $30 off the retail price. Pre-order yours now.

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