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With more than 107MM people over the age of 50 experiencing the effects of aging through arthritis, MS or Parkinson’s, the simplest daily task  – like cutting your fingernails—becomes one of the most difficult. Enter our start-up client, ClipDifferent, which is launching its first product this month and is the first to market with this type of fingernail cutting solution.

The founder of MN-based ClipDifferent, Tom McMullen (75 years old) has had an eye for helping people since he was a child – Tom’s younger sister had polio and as an adult, his wife, Trudy, was diagnosed with progressive health issues. Through these relationships, Tom learned that it’s sometimes the simplest tasks – like cutting your fingernails – that are nearly impossible when you have differing abilities; therefore, he was always was on a search to make his sister’s and his wife’s lives easier. Here’s a video that shows more of Tom’s story and the reasons why he invented ClipDifferent.

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