The Wonderful Season of Giving and Blissfully Showing Thanks in 2022

The Season of Giving: Showing Thankfulness Through Philanthropic Efforts

As we are approaching the holiday season, we’re reflecting on what we’re grateful for this year and areas of giving. Even through the chaos of daily life, we feel fortunate to be where we are as people and as a business. We’ve had such an incredible year serving our community and plan on continuing to do so in 2023.

We are grateful for so much this year, especially you: the ClipDifferent and Lil Nipper community! Thank you for believing in us and our products. You have made a difference whether by purchase, donation, subscriber, friend and family support, sharing, review, positive word of mouth, partnership, or referral. Every amount of support doesn’t go unnoticed; we see you and appreciate you.

Gift Giving

Because of your support, we were able to launch our new amazing line of products this year! Our quality products now can serve a wider audience including adults, seniors, children, and infants.

Lil Nipper for Adults

Our patented trimming mechanism and safety shield provide a safe continuous, clean clip. Those with weak or sore hands can use Lil Nipper with its easy-to-grip soft sides, and the device does all the work for you…truly effortless. This product is the perfect gift for any adult, senior, or caregiver.

“The Lil Nipper is inventive and elegant with a precise trim compared to the old way (chop). I really like this product.” – Barbara

Lil Nipper for Children

Give the gift of independence. There’s nothing quite like watching your child master a new task and now little ones can do it themselves! It is designed for small hands and toes to safely trim nails with its palm-fitting design and textured soft-grip sides. It does all the work for you! Lil Nipper for Children makes a great stocking stuffer!

“My kids were excited to try it, and they wanted to have it trim their toenails too! I like how safe it is, and it really is impossible to cut yourself.” – Lizzy, mom of 5

Lil Nipper for Infants

The Lil Nipper for Infants is designed for delicate nails. A safety shield and LED spotlight help protect tiny fingers and toes. Give the gift of stress-free nail grooming to new parents. Lil Nipper for Infants was even highlighted by CountryLiving on their list of 31 must-have baby products and gear of 2022!

“We really love using this trimmer on our toddler. With a little distraction, we can breeze through a nail trim and get back to playing. It’s fantastic!” – Lil Nipper Parent



Gifts for Seniors coordinates social visits for more than 7,000 older adults throughout the year. Your gift alleviates loneliness by letting them know they are loved, valued, and they are not forgotten…and bringing them the joy of a neat, unique gift! Please join us in bringing smiles and human connection to our senior friends here in Minnesota!


We recently received a donation from The Culp Foundation, and with those funds, we will be donating Lil Nippers to isolated seniors. For every donation, we match a percentage to put toward Operations for GFS. Gifts For Seniors is an ongoing initiative for us, and we would love your support.

Donations go towards:

  • An in-person social visit to isolated seniors.
  • The visitor will bring companionship, joy, and the gift of a Lil Nipper Automatic Nail Clipper for Adults.
  • A “how to” demonstration and conversation educating seniors about the Lil Nipper’s features and the benefits of their new gift.
  • Assisting Gifts for Seniors to be able to serve more and more seniors every year.

Donate To “Gifts For Seniors” – Lil Nipper®

 Thank you for your consideration!

MS Birdie Bash

The MS Birdie Bash Gala raises awareness and money to help fight multiple sclerosis. Proceeds from the event are used to cover the costs associated with equipment, medicine, therapy, and doctor visits. So far, the organization has raised over $500,000 for the fight against M.S. We’re thankful for the opportunity to have attended and sponsored their annual gala in October 2022. We hope to participate again next year!

Melanie and Rick giving back at philanthropy event

Volunteering in Your Community

Volunteering is an amazing way to get involved in your community. Get a team of friends and family together to spend quality time with loved ones and give back. Search for volunteer opportunities in your area to make someone’s day during this season of giving. You can also search for virtual volunteer opportunities if that better suits you. Either way, you are making a difference in your community!

Thank you for your continued support of Lil Nipper. We appreciate the opportunity to improve our company, products, and communication, so we can better serve our customers. We love and appreciate all purchases, donations, subscribers, shares, reviews, partnerships, referrals, and spreading positive word of mouth. We look forward to what’s to come and continue to serve you in 2023! 

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