Making a Limb Difference: Becky’s Story

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Limb Difference: Becky’s Story Born with One Arm

A shared conversation with Becky where you’ll hear about her background, previous experience with standard nail clippers versus ClipDifferent, and a message from Becky herself. Heart-warming stories like these are one of the many reasons why ClipDifferent was founded.

Becky’s Background

Becky was born with one arm (a congenital anomaly) and has enjoyed her roles as  a grandmother and writer for many years. In 2013, she decided to start sharing the stories, in the form of blogs,  of her childhood in a way that resonated not only with those closest to her, but also appealed to a wider limb different community. 

Becky found that sharing these stories helped children with similar disabilities, or their parents, understand when and how to ask for help in certain situations. It also encouraged them and helped them find hope. Becky quickly realized her stories might be suitable for a book. She has also taken these stories to her YouTube channel, which has helped thousands of individuals.

Becky first heard of ClipDifferent when her son sent her a TikTok video of Abby, an online video creator who showcased our product on her YouTube channel. After taking some time to think about it, Becky decided to order our product right before Christmas 2021.

Crossing paths at just the right time

Coming home from vacation, our own TJ McMullen III was driving back to Minneapolis when he noticed Becky’s order had come through. After reading the shipping information, TJ quickly realized that he was just 30 minutes away from Becky’s shipping address! With a ClipDifferent unit in tow, TJ made sure that Becky received her ClipDifferent Pro before Christmas. Some might argue that’s even faster than Amazon!

From hesitation to satisfaction

When it comes to Pro, it is an investment that pays out dividends. Becky explained, “I thought about how much I spend eating a meal out, and things we spend money on all the time…yet this device would make a huge difference for me.” She continued,  “When you put things into perspective, it’s really not a high price at all.” 

We at ClipDifferent put the time and effort into every one of our products in order to ensure they provide the best quality and safety a consumer can have.

When Becky received the device, she was hesitant about it at first. But her worries were quickly relieved after using the product and realizing how effective, yet safe, the ClipDifferent Pro is. She even showed her five-year-old granddaughter, who took to the device with delight.

How it Started

“I was born with one arm. I’ve worn a prosthetic arm all my life. I can cut my nails, but it is a feat. Usually I ask a family member to help.

Traditional Nail clipper


How it’s Going

“The trimmer works great! I like that the device is simple and compact. Can’t believe I can now trim my nails so quickly and easily. Please thank your father for me.”

ClipDifferent Pro Demonstration


Becky Alexander, author of One Smile One Arm about her experience with ClipDifferent.

Message from Becky

After reviewing the product and telling us how it affected her life, we asked Becky to share one message that might encourage others in the community. Her response:

“The trick is to make every adaption you have to make, and just go on and live your life— don’t miss a minute of your life because of that.” 

At ClipDifferent, we wholeheartedly agree with that statement. It even resonates with our values: to make life a little bit easier by developing products for people of different backgrounds and abilities. Feel free to visit Becky’s websiteblogbook, or youtube channel to learn more about her journey.

Do you have an inspiring ClipDifferent story? You are invited to share it with us today!

About ClipDifferent

ClipDifferent, GBC., registered General Benefit Corporation, is a Minnesota-based family business that believes everyone can have a superior nail care experience and leaves no one out, regardless of life circumstances. Since the launch of the ClipDifferent Pro in 2018 using the automatic trimming technology, these smartly-designed adaptive nail clippers have given countless people the ability to independently trim their fingernails, safely and effortlessly, at the touch of a button. For more information, visit

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